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Welcome to Rosehill Farms » The Farm

The Farm

the_farm_1We are a small farm raising Nigerian Dwarf goats located in southwest Missouri near Springfield.  When I was choosing a goat breed the Nigerian had so many good qualities it was an easy decision to make.  They are small requiring less feed and acreage than full size goats, sweet temperament, excellent mothering abilities, and their milk has a high percentage of butterfat making it perfect for anyone who wishes to make cheese or soap. Goat milk is also naturally homogenized (the fat particles are smaller) which makes it easier to digest than cows milk.  They are excellent weed eaters, clowns and companions.  They are guaranteed to make you smile!

I decided to cater to the home dairy crowd instead of the show ring.  My goats are out of registered stock but I did not purchase them with papers.  This means savings for you as I will list them for a lower price.

I do the_farm_2not disbud (dehorn); God gave them horns for a reason.  There is an article on the International Dairy Goat Registry website titled “Why Horns” by Robert L. Johnson that list several reasons for not disbudding.  I’ve not any of my goats attempt to use their horns as weapons against people.  If you wish to disbud you will have to purchase them as bottle babies.

the_farm_3All my goats are fed good quality grass hay along with an alfalfa dairy goat pellet mixed with sweet feed, free choice baking soda and plenty of fresh clean water.   They are wormed monthly from spring through fall.  I allow mama to raise the babies as I believe it is the correct way.  All babies are handled and played with daily so they are people friendly.


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